A Mother’s Unconditional Love and Roti….

I was shocked to see my mother standing in pain, preparing roti for me before I left for work. Her legs were in pain and she still made sure, that I didn’t leave the house on an empty stomach.

This powerful act of unconditional love made me feel loved and cared for. I thank the almighty GOD for blessing me with such a wonderful parent. May God help each and every one of us to take care and love our parents till the end.

Sometimes life gets very busy and we forget to acknowledge the sacrifice(s) of our loved ones – especially our parents. It is good to notice the acts of sacrifice my mother gives to me – just noticing the act of love with a word of praise, can melt the heart of our parents.

I can never give back what my mother gives to me but, I can let her know that she is appreciated. 

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