Savoring Every Moment of Life

My parents were married for 36 years until my mother passed away. I was raised to trust God, have values, and love deeply. Imagine my dismay when my first marriage ended in divorce.  I remarried some years later, only to have that marriage end in divorce after 15 years.  I felt like a failure, had low self-esteem, and felt like I had disappointed my children.  At my lowest, I still had to try to be a light for my eight children.

At the point of complete surrender, I reconnected with a classmate from high school.  We had no contact for 25 years.  His friendship and contact was consistent.  His words of encouragement were uplifting.  His concern for me and my children were genuine.  His prayers were heartfelt.  After six months of communication, we decided to meet up on one of my visits to New York.  It was just supposed to be a meeting between “old high school friends”.  The evening was great and I felt such a level of comfort just being in his presence. Needless to say, that night we shared our first kiss.  I returned back home to North Carolina not sure what the future would hold.  He went from checking in every couple of days, to calling me every morning.

After about a month, he asked me if I wanted to date him exclusively to see if there was a future for us.  We were both committed to abstaining until marriage.  I never felt pressured to compromise the journey I was on.  One evening after dinner he said, “I’m falling in love with you.  How can I serve you?’  I was at a lost for words.  He relocated to my area, and we were married in October, 2017.  I am in awe daily.  Through God, my husband is provider, protector, my best friend, my soulmate.  He tells me everyday how much he loves me.  More importantly, I am so incredibly blessed to experience those words in action.  I’m really out here living my best life.  Restoration is an understatement!

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