The Importance of Family

Families are the compass that guides us. They are the inspiration to reach great heights and our comfort when we occasionally falter. —Brad Henry

Family is bigger than kinship – it’s the people who shows up and wants to be there. It maybe blood related and it may not be. Either way traditional and/or non-traditional family is vital to our growth and happiness.

Throughout our lives, we experience all types of love, be that love from friends, significant others, or even the passion we have for ourselves. But a love that shapes us and helps us grow is the kind that we receive from our family, and that our family has for us. A nurturing family is something that is not only of the utmost importance but also is something that should be celebrated! Be that the family you are given or the family that you have created, all the love and adoration you receive from them is something that should be cherished always.

A question that we may ask ourselves in this is, why is familial love so important to us? What is the impact that it can have in our lives and why do we need it for our own personal growth. Not only this, but how can we, in turn, celebrate the love we have for our family in ways that unique, simple, and beautiful?

What is Familial Love?

In ancient times, storge was the Grecian word for familial love. This love though is different than the love between friends; the meaning of this word actually translates to unconditional or instinctual love. Now in modern times, family and unconditional love still go hand in hand, as we often see family as a unit that will love and accept you despite and because of all of your flaws.

Now, a family isn’t always perfect, and you may have moments where you don’t feel the love from them, but these are the times where you need to appreciate the moments where you have felt the unconditional love and refocus on ways you can love them unconditionally.

Why do we need family?

Why do we need a family unit? What are the benefits of the unconditional love we receive from our family?

A Harvard study conducted by Waldinger and Schulz found out that “warmer relationships with parents in childhood predict greater security of attachment to intimate partners in late life.” This just goes to show that the relationships you have with your family affect how you connect with individuals later on in your adult life. Having loving and healthy relationships with your family correlate with you being able to carry out those same feelings in all other relationships in your life.

In defining what the love of our family means and realizing how it can shape us as individuals, it is essential that we begin to take time to celebrate it as well. Click here and learn about ways we can celebrate our family.

Family is not an important thing. It’s everything – Michael J. Fox

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