The Top 10 Ways to Celebrate Your Mother on Mother’s Day

The Top 10 ways to Celebrate Your Mother on Mother’s Day

1. Share A Story or Note

 Writing an story or letter showcasing your appreciation and love for your mom may seem like a simple idea, but sometimes sharing a fond memory or just providing words of gratitude in a card can mean the world to your mom. Make it public and share your gratitude with the world visit Family Defined. Celebrate your mother on our site and submit a story of unconditional love concerning your mom, click here.

2. Make Her a Special Meal

Be it breakfast in bed or her favorite dessert; take some time to make the mother in your life a nice homemade meal to make her feel appreciated. Food is a great way to show your love as it takes time and care to prepare and isn’t usually something that you can throw together.

Allowing your mom to sit back and relax while you take care of the cooking is not only a way to give her a break from something she does daily, but also shows that you understand and appreciate the time and effort she puts into providing a delicious and healthy meal for her family.


3. Pamper Her with A Spa Day

 Honestly, nothing is quite as relaxing as a day full of peace and pampering, perfect for a busy mom! Giving your mom the spa day, she desperately wants, and needs is just another way to celebrate her in a style that allows her to enjoy a day of peace truly.

So, book her a massage, a manicure, or whatever her favorite way of being pampered is, and give her a day she will enjoy.


4. Personalized Photo Book

Do you have pictures that capture some of your favorite moments with your mom? Create a unique photo book for her! Within it, you can show off not just your favorite moments, but also leave room for adding future memories as well. You can even hand make this book and get the whole family involved in customizing it. Add in handprints from grandchildren, drawings, quotes, and original captions to make this photo book something she will really appreciate.

Looking for a simple and easy way to create a memorable photo book? Check out Shutterfly, and take a look at the multiple designs and layouts that will be perfect for a Mother’s Day gift.


5. Surprise Her with Her Favorite Thing

Nothing is better than being caught off guard by being gifted your favorite thing. It could be a piece of jewelry with a stone she loves set into it, a sweater from her favorite designer, or even a book from her favorite author. Surprising her with her favorite things not only allows her to feel appreciated but also shows just how thoughtful you were in picking out something that she truly loves.

This is not only thoughtful but also celebrates the interest of your mother and shows that you not only see her as a mom but as a person with passions and hobbies outside of her role.


6. Give Her a Day Off

 Let your mother take the day off while you take up her responsibilities for the day. By doing this, you are not only giving her some personal time back to enjoy her favorite things, but you are also showing the appreciation in knowing that being a mom is a full-time career that take time out of her day. So what better way is there to celebrate your mom than giving her a day to whatever she wants, knowing that everything will be taken care of.


7. Plan a Special Trip

Where has your mom always wanted to go? Maybe she has wanted to go to Los Angeles and see the Hollywood sign, or perhaps she has been trying to plan a family beach vacation. Make those plans a reality and give her the trip that she has been waiting for.

This specific gift can only be made better if you are able to give her a family vacation and gather all of the ones, she loves the most at her favorite place. This way you can all show the love your mom deserves while celebrating it in a fantastic destination.


8. Lessons from Mom

Do you have those all-important lessons that your mom has given you? Maybe she has sayings that stick with you to this day. What better way to show your appreciation than showcasing the lessons your mother has taught that have grown you into the amazing individual you are today.

Take the time to write down these lessons in a journal that can be added to and passed down for generations. Not only will your mom be touched on how much you have learned from her, but it is a physical item that can be given to grandchildren and great-grandchildren so that they may also celebrate and learn from her wisdom.


9. Picture Perfect

 Family pictures serve as a physical reminder of having everyone together for one instant, no matter how short or long it may be. They are something that a mother can look back on and smile, remembering having all of her family together. Which is why we suggest planning a family photo shoot for your mom, so that she can have updated photos of her family.


10. Just Say “Thank You”

 Sometimes the best way that you can celebrate your mom, and perhaps the most straightforward way, is by saying thank you. While planning and preparing a trip or buying her gifts can be amazing ways of celebrating all that your mom does for you, sometimes a simple thank you, is enough. So, before you go and spend time and money on a gift, make sure that you have taken the time to give your mom a tight hug and tell her “thank you” and that you love and appreciate her for all the things that she does.

Because sometimes the best way to feel appreciated, is by hearing it.

With all of these ways to celebrate and highlight the achievements of your mother, you have plenty of options to pick from the will be perfect for the mother figure in your life. And whether you are planning a trip to the Bahamas or merely saying “I love you,” it’s essential that it comes from the heart. Because no matter what it is, as long as your mother feels the love and effort, you have put into celebrating her, she will for sure feel it.

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