Family: where life begins and love never ends. 


How It Works:

Submitting your story to Family Defined is easy and completely free. Simply answer the two questions below and attach a photo of your family, including the person you are celebrating.
1. Who in your life has given you a feeling of unconditional love and belonging?
2. Share a story of a time or times when you felt this individual’s unconditional love.
We want to hear about the person or people in your life who you feel define unconditional love. Because we believe family extends beyond titles and biological ties, we welcome your story about your family member, significant other, friend, mentor or other source of support.
*By submitting your story you agree to give us permission to post your story on our website and share it on social media.
We look forward to reviewing your submission. If we feel your story reflects the love and acceptance that define family, it will go live on our blog when it launches on May 3rd, 2019!